JETTEK®. A high-efficiency hard rock garnet for high-efficiency waterjet cutting.

For clean, accurate cutting, JETTEK is a reliable garnet abrasive choice for your waterjet. The composition and natural properties of JETTEK garnet allow for more aggressive waterjet cutting than many other abrasives available. A high-purity garnet available in two grades, it allows you to cut through thick or complex materials faster, improving the efficiency of your waterjet.

JETTEK is a consistent and reliable abrasive solution capable of meeting your waterjet cutting needs. Waterjet operations around the world trust JETTEK to power their waterjets, easily tackling both thick and complex materials, as well as steel, aluminum, and sensitive substrates. Produced to our strict quality standards mean you can expect high-quality garnet with tight, repeatable grading and low dust

JETTEK is an angular hard rock garnet abrasive. This angularity enables JETTEK to deliver higher cutting performance compared to alluvial garnet.

High Efficiency

JETTEK is an aggressive hard rock garnet abrasive which naturally lends itself to faster cutting and improved operating efficiency.

Quality Finish

JETTEK delivers the edge quality, and surface finish needed for cutting of a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, and other sensitive substrates.

Precise Grading

JETTEK is processed to BARTON’S high-quality standards and features tight grading that ensures consistent particle size for more reliable cutting.


The hard rock garnet grains of JETTEK have sharp, angular edges. In waterjet applications, hard rock garnet cuts more quickly and offer superior edge finishes compared with the subrounded grains of an alluvial garnet.

JETTEK is available in two standard grades

  • This is an economical workhorse, providing good edge quality and solid cutting performance. Effective in virtually any precision waterjet operation.
  • Use for cutting a wide variety of materials including all metals, composites, ceramics, and stone.
  • Delivers a fine edge quality and can eliminate secondary finishing.
  • Use for cutting steel, aluminum, ceramics, laminates, composites, and other brittle materials.

Standard packaging: 25 kg and 1,000 kg big bags

Read about the BARTON exclusive 4-step quality process.

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